Dr Thomas is a Consultant in Spinal and Pain Medicine.

Dr Thomas practises in Central London providing investigation, diagnosis and treatment for many painful musculoskeletal conditions including: 

Spinal and Back pain

Slipped discs, Sciatica, Nerve root pain and Spinal Stenosis

Facet and Sacroiliac joint pain

Degenerative joint pain

Post surgical and scar pain

He additionally has an interest in neuropathic pain, post surgical pain, and shingles pain.

Dr Thomas works both in the NHS and the private sector and has training and experience in Pain Medicine both for Adults and Children.

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Direct Booking App

Direct Booking App

June 13, 2017

The Fortius clinic app is available to download straight to your phone and use to direct book appointments and imaging.

New Clinic Locations Available

New Clinic Locations Available

May 24, 2017

Dr Thomas has been invited to join Fortius, the UK’s leading private orthopaedic and sports injury group.

Facet joint treatments

Facet joint treatments

June 15, 2016

What injections can target facet joint syndrome?

Facet joint syndrome

Facet joint syndrome

April 30, 2016

What are the facet joints and why are they relevant to back pain?

Should I be worried by my pain?

Should I be worried by my pain?

April 28, 2016

How do I know this isn’t serious?

Understanding Spinal Injections

Understanding Spinal Injections

April 18, 2016

A summary to better explain spinal injections.


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We have started to collect feedback direct from patients through the i Want Great Care site. Patient testimonials are extremely important to us, please click below to read or write an online review:

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I was recommended to Dr Thomas because I had been experiencing serious back and hip pain, for over twelve months… He gave me a detailed and comprehensible explanation of the causes of my pain, using the MRI scan. He then discussed with me the various treatment options which were available. The staged approach which he considered the most appropriate was both prudent and logical, and ultimately successful. His knowledge, skill and professionalism are self evident and inspires confidence.

Mrs K.L

I have been waiting for over a year for a doctor to take me seriously and help get to the bottom of my chronic pain. In 5 minutes Dr Thomas had done all this. He explained everything clearly to me and took the time to make me feel at ease…I have never experienced treatment like this and was very thankful to be put under his care… I would truly like to say a massive THANK YOU!!!

Miss I.F.
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