Our Activity and Corona – Update 1

We remain available and open while the UK lockdown is in force. Read below for the first of our updates.

While emergency measures are in place preventing you travelling and receiving usual care, significant but routine issues will become more concerning as specialist care focusses on the emergency arising from Coronavirus. Back pain, medicines management, sciatica and chronic conditions are likely to be more likely to be difficult to find treatment for. This is where we want to remain available.

We intend to adapt and continue our clinic, and provide for all of the same issues as before this emergency began.

We will work within all UK Govt and Medical advisory and provide remote consultation in the same way as previous consultation was provided. The vast majority of insurers have agreed that these will work as previously and so short of picking up the phone, rather than leaving home, the same options for consultation will be available.

Dr Thomas has returned to provide front line anaesthetic and intensive care treatment, and we will schedule clinics remotely around this flexibly. His private clinic will be fully accessible and all numbers and email contacts are running the same service. He will provide remote consultations and review, with the ability to prescribe and have medicines delivered.

Consultations are likely to be able to provided in 2 clinics a week and will be either by telephone or video call depending on your circumstances and our capability at the time.

Please call MADOLYN PALMER, PA to Dr Thomas, on 0203 291 3111, 07963 331 886 or email us on thomas@fortiusclinic.com for enquiries, including whether we might be the right clinic for you.

Dr B Thomas
24 – 03 – 2020


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